Carrot Poker School – Grade 2


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Carrot poker school

Grade 2

Carrot Poker School – Grade 2

Grade 2 is a transformational intermediate level course which assumes that you already have solid foundations and are ready to truly understand the heart of poker theory. Students report a complete revelation in how they think about the game upon completing this course.

11 Videos | 10 Hours


  • Polarising and Condensing. Introduction to Strategy Construction.
  • Value Betting. The Tier System for Made Hands.
  • Bluffing. Theoretical Fold Equity. World Favourability. Tiers of Bluff.
  • Bet-Sizing Toolkits. Equity Before and After Betting. Relative Polarisation.
  • The Out of Position Game. Urgency. Slowplaying. Robustness.
  • The In Position Game. Investment Ceilings. Hybrid Bets.
  • Facing Bets 1 – Range Thresholds.
  • Facing Bets 2: The Bluff Catching System.
  • 3Bet Pots – Building a Flop Strategy. Board Texture.
  • Raising Flop. Raising Turn. Raising River.



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