Carrot Poker School – Grade E


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Carrot Poker School – Grade E

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Carrot Poker School – Grade E


Grade E is our mass data backed exploitative course on exactly how your opponents are playing and how to exploit them in every common spot.

Grade E – Course Syllabus

  • Facing Continuous Aggression (Triple Barrels): Where is Population bluffing too much/too little? Introducing the Exploitative Spot Rating System.
  • Facing Scattered Aggression: Exploring Bet-Check-Bet, Check-Check-Bet and Check-Bet-Bet Lines. Punishing Overbluffing.
  • Overbluffed Board Textures: On which boards can we call down exploitatively light?
  • Underbluffed Board Textures: On which boards should we be folding lots of our range to aggression?
  • Exploiting Stronger Players (Part 1): Creative Betting Lines. Causing Unfamiliarity and Confusion. How to Invent New Exploits.
  • Bluffing with Continuous Aggression: Underfolded Spots. Identifying Where Bluffing is Very Winning and Very Losing vs Population.
  • Bluffing with Scattered Aggression: How to Use Bet-Check-Bet and Check-Check-Bet Lines Exploitatively.
  • Exploiting Stronger Players (Part 2): Inventive Lines Involving Raising. Attacking C-Bettors in 3Bet Pots. Using Raise-Sizing to Gain an Extra Edge.
  • Facing Aggression in 3Bet Pots: Where are People Overbluffing/Underbluffing? Identifying the Severely Underbluffed Spots.
  • Attacking in 3Bet Pots. Money Printing Situations. Exploits on Earlier Streets.


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