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“Poker Therapy is a book about uninstalling your bad thought processes and emotional reactions and replacing them with the right ones.”

Poker Therapy: Rewire your Mind for Poker


There is a very good reason that the majority of poker players fail to meet their goals regardless of technical ability. There is a very good reason that most players experience crippling mental-game problems, whether they like to admit it or not.

The human mind is not naturally wired for poker.

Poker Therapy explains the many ways in which natural human programming fails the poker player. In this book, I provide detailed rewiring strategies for many common mental-game pitfalls.

Unlike most mindset books on the game, this book is written by an experienced professional poker player with a decade of coaching experience. This book has nothing to do with eating well or meditating and absolutely everything to do with turning your mind into an efficient logical problem solving machine. The core aim is learning how to banish the emotional and irrational mental processes that harm your chances of success.

The clinical solutions recommended in this book are backed up by years of obtaining transformational results in private coaching. It’s time to bring Poker Therapy to the masses. It’s time rewire your mind for poker.



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