Carrot Poker Solved Ranges: 10NL-25NL (6-Max) – Complete


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Carrot Poker Solved Ranges: 10NL-25NL (6-Max) – Complete

High accuracy solver generated GTO pre-flop ranges for 10-25NL 6-Max rake structures. Suitable for regular Cash Games and Zoom without antes. (145 Pages)

Includes full colour strategies and text files from and vs. every position for:
*3Betting and Calling Opens
*Facing 3Bets
*Facing 4Bets
*Facing 5Bets
*Facing Squeezes as Opener
*Facing Squeezes as Caller
*Cold 4-Betting

What you’ll get:

  • A 145 Page PDF file. Each page feautres a colour range chart for a different preflop situation.
  • A Corresponding text file for importing into your favourite training software or solver. (Compatible with all major formats of solver)


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