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Smash Live Cash By Nick Petrangelo

Smash Live Cash Upswing Poker


Discover how to win as much as possible on the felt with comprehensive preflop charts and battle-tested postflop strategies

Smash Live Cash is an in-depth training course made for serious cash game players. Your new coach, Nick Petrangelo, reveals the exact theory-backed strategies and exploitative tactics he and his students use to crush live cash games.

Nick has cashed for $27,000,000+ in tournaments in his career, but he’s also a dominant force in cash games. He’s helped live poker players around the world crush their cash games through private coaching. Now he’s revealing his winning strategies in this course.

 25 hours of live poker strategy videos backed by Nick's in-depth research and decade of experience.

 Bonus #1: The Deep Stack Dominance course ($399 value) that will help you play like Nick in the early stages of big tournaments.

 Bonus #2: Instant access to 4,808 live poker preflop charts that Nick and his team spent 250 hours and $30,000 to create.


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The best live cash games poker course available !!!

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