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  • Learn from the End Boss of Heads-Up Poker
  • 40+ Hours of Elite Training Content
  • Game-Changer for All No Limit Hold’em Players


Get Doug Polk’s Winning Heads-Up Blueprint in the His Most Comprehensive Course Yet

40 Hours of Training

Backed by Doug Polk & Fabian Adler’s 1000s of hours of strategic research & millions of dollars in winnings. You get a full walkthrough of the entire heads-up game tree.

Play Masterfully Preflop

Get battle-tested preflop ranges for all heads-up situations

Discover how Doug Polk adjusted his strategy en route to winning $1.2 million

Dominate Single Raised Pots In Position

Discover the “perfect” bet size for each flop

Know exactly when to follow through on the turn and river when they call you on the flop

Be prepared to handle check-raises from aggressive opponents

Master the less-studied situations where your opponents are making costly mistakes

Hang Tough & Profit in Single Raised Pots Out of Position

React properly when facing continuation bets on the flop, turn, and river

Discover the perfect situations to check-raise (and the hands that make the most money doing it)

Know exactly when to bet on the turn after your opponent checks back on the flop

Throw your opponent off balance and maximize value with tricky turn leads

Gain an Edge in 3-Bet Pots Out of Position

Make Your Opponent’s Life Miserable When Playing 3-Bet Pots In Position

Avoid Costly Mistakes in 4-Bet Pots

Cement Your Knowledge with Play & Explains from Doug & Fabian


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