Guerrilla Poker preflop solutions 100NL


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Preflop solutions

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Guerrilla Poker preflop solutions 100NL


This sim is appropriate for lowstakes games. Inside the downloaded folder you will find 2 variations: one with 5x OOP 3bet, and one with 4x OOP 3bet. The 5x comes with a handy response to RFI and 3bet printable chart.

5x is the recommended size, but 4x is the most commonly used size at these stakes.

Rake structure

Nl100 5%, 2.5$ rake cap

Stack size


Open sizes

2.25 EP, MP, CO

2.5x Button

3x SB

3bet sizes

3x IP

5x OOP & 4x OOP

4bet sizes

2.2x IP

Pot-sized 4bet OOP after RFI

2.7x cold 4bet OOP and BvB


Only on button and BB


  • No SB limping (this barely appears at this rake structure)
  • No SB, MP-CO coldcalling (these barely appear at this rake structure)


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