Exploit & Conquer Upswing Poker


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Discover how to take advantage of 62 common mistakes your opponents are making at the poker table

Exploit  & Conquer

Exploit & Conquer Upswing Poker


See What You’ll Get Inside Exploit & Conquer

he majority of this 3-part course focuses on how to exploit 62 specific leaks that your opponents may have. You’ll get access to the Exploit & Conquer Workbook, which was made to test and train your exploitative skills.

1.Thinking Abstractly
Alex sets up the course by explaining the importance of thinking abstractly in poker (and how you should think abstractly)

2.Poker Culture
If you aren’t able to put a concept into simple words, you don’t grasp it well enough. Alex runs through 8 examples to help you gain and develop this vital skill that so many poker players lack.

Learn how to think (and play) like a champion

4.Exploit Workbook Intro
A short intro to the primary section of the course (and the downloadable Exploit & Conquer Workbook included with the course)

5-8.Preflop Exploits (26) 30 minutes
Learn how to counter 26 tendencies that poker players often exhibit preflop, including players who are too aggressive and too passive

9-11.Flop Exploits (17) 22 minutes
Alex reveals how to exploit 17 flop mistakes your opponents will often be making

12-13.Turn Exploits (12) 15 minutes
Discover 12 different leaks that you can exploit on the turn

14.River Exploits (7)
Alex takes you through 7 exploitable river tendencies.

15.Exploits Summary
Alex wraps up the course with the key takeaways from the 62 exploitable tendencies






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