Six Card Pot Limit Omaha


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Six Card Pot Limit Omaha

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Six Card Pot Limit Omaha Cory Mikesell


Welcome to the only theoretical work on the insane game of Six Card Pot Limit Omaha. In this book, Cory Mikesell takes a deep dive into the depths of the madness, employing his game theoretic and solver knowledge from the games of Four Card PLO and Five Card PLO to craft solid strategies, destined to crush the game. You’ll find everything you need to build optimal preflop ranges, learn which AA combos to stack off in 3 and 4 way scenarios, when and how to donk, how to play in games with Vpip requirements or two boards, and exactly what hands should value bet the river in every line. Lean into the other side of sanity and come back with all the money.



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