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Knockout Tournament Mastery

Run it once Knockout Tournament Mastery.


I am excited and pleased to let you know about the release of my new Bounty course, “Knockout Tournament Mastery”

This course will help you answer questions like how much is a bounty worth, how do bounties impact ICM, and how to adjust tour strategies both preflop and postflop in every scenario you will face – we start from the fundamentals all the way to the most advanced bounty concepts, including mystery bounties. On top of that, there are tools given out like spreadsheets, powerpoints and a PKO quiz. Also included are 4 hand history/FT reviews, both by me and guests Graftekkel and Oneh1twonder.

You’ll Learn:

  • The fundamentals and advanced theory behind progressive knockout tournaments, along with practical examples for the application of this theory.
  • How to use Holden Resources Calculator to study bounty tournament preflop strategies and export the output in PIOsolver.
  • Solver-based explanations for the preflop strategy adjustments to make when being the covering or covered stack in different scenarios.
  • How bubble and final table ICM works in PSKOs and how it differs from regular tournaments.
  • The postflop adjustments to make when covering or being covered.
  • The solver based theory behind mystery bounties.

You’ll also get:

  • A detailed final table and hand history review from PKO crushers Graftekkel and OneH1tWonder.
  • Two in depth hand history reviews from Alex.
  • A PSKO quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Excel sheets comparing different PSKO postflop strategies.
  • Slides detailing theory points, bounty values and the main takeaways from each chapter for easier reviewing.
  • A glossary of terminology used in the course.
  • Access to the course’s dedicated discord channels where you can ask Alex questions directly and get his thoughts on your hands.
  • A free month of our Elite video plan ($99 value) so you can watch even more of Alex’s videos (Only available during our launch sale).
  • Access to 2 free seminars with Alex (Only available during our launch sale).

Course Videos


We introduce the structure of the course, what you can expect to get out of it, and the best way to move through the videos to get the most out of them.

Basics: What’s a Bounty Worth, Theory, and Solvers

The math behind the value of a bounty is discussed and we introduce the theory along with how to use solvers for analyzing bounty tournaments.

Opening and Jamming as the Big Stack

When you hold the big stack your ranges need to reflect your ability to scoop bounties and we look into how to constuct them effectively.

Opening and Jamming as the Short Stack

When playing the short stack your opponents are going to be more apt to play against you with your bounty at stake and we need to adjust accordingly.

3-Betting and Calling as the Big Stack

3 betting ranges can change dramatically based on your stack size and here we look at doing so as the big stack.

3-Betting and Calling as the Short Stack

Just as having the big stack alters our range, 3 betting as the short stack looks dramatically different and we explore that here.

Blind v Blind: SB is Short

Blind battles can be tough to navigate but occur frequently and we discuss how to approach when the SB is short.

Blind v Blind: SB is the Big Stack

On the flip side, we look at a blind battle where the SB covers the BB.

Limping: When and Why

Limping marks a key difference in this format with quite a few opportunites to do so and we look at when and why to limp.

Multiway All-ins

Occasionally you’ll find situations with multiple players all-in and we have to narrow down our approach that takes a number of factors into consideration.

Postflop Adjustments: Covering and Covered

Whether you’re covered or covering your opponent, your postflop play will change dramatically and we discuss how and why that is.

Postflop Adjustments: Covering and Covered (part 2)

We dive further into the details of how to approach postflop situations both when you’re covering your opponent and covered by your opponent.

ICM Bubble: Covering and Covered

Even though bounties play a huge role in your decisions, you still need to contend with ICM and we look specifically at bubble play in this installment.

ICM Final Table: Covering and Covered

At the final table we’ll have many factors to contend with. Here, we dive into ICM when covering and covered.

Field Size Differences

The size of the field will have a definitive impact on your decisions, the importance of bounties, and the structure of the prize pool and we examine each.

Adjustments to Very Short or All-In Stacks

Inevitably you’ll have hands where players are either forced or nearly forced to put their stacks in and with a juicy bounty things can get weird.

Extensive HH Review: My Tournament Hands

I load up some real hands that I’ve played to help illustrate a number of topics from previous lessons.

Extensive HH Review: My Tournament Hands Continued

More illustrative examples of real hands from tournaments that I’ve played.

Extensive HH Review: My Tournaments Concluded

We continue to break down the action from my own tournaments and wrap up with hands that illustrate a variety of lessons.

Extensive HH Review: My Tournament Hands (part 2)

We continue to look at real hands from various tournaments that show the decision making process.

Extensive HH Review: My Tournament Hands Continued (part 2)

The final few hands from real tournaments that I’ve played.

High Stakes PKO with Graftekkel

Special guest Graftekkel joins us to review some high stakes hands and get the perspective of another high stakes professional.

High Stakes PKO with Graftekkel (part 2)

I wrap up with Graftekkel with some more hands along with his keys for success at bounty tournaments.

Mid Stakes PKO with Oneh1tWonder

Oneh1tWonder joins me to review hands from a mid stakes tourney and offer his thoughts on PKO strategy.

Mid Stakes PKO with Oneh1tWonder (part 2)

The hands continue to roll as Oneh1tWonder shares his thoughts and bounces ideas off of our hero.

Mid Stakes PKO with Oneh1tWonder (part 3)

We wrap up our analysis of mid stakes hands with our special guest.

Mystery Bounties

Mystery bounties have grown in popularity and we examine the approach to this format and find hueristics to help guide our play.

PKO Quiz: Test Yourself!

Time to test your knowledge and see if what you’ve learned is sticking with this quiz.

In Closing

Here I recap the most important concepts from the entire course and offer my thoughts and keys for continued success.




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