Pokerdetox 30 Day training camp


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Pokerdetox 30 Day training camp


Get the 25 PDFs that the members of pokerdetox 30 day training camp are getting.

  • Modeling Data-Driven Strategy Simplifications
  • Preflop Game Plan
  • Intro to Effective Study – Leakfinding
  • Intro to Variance
  • Effective Study – Prioritizing, Studying, and Integrating


Explore the intricacies of flop strategy and defense, and learn how to make the right decisions as both the preflop raiser and caller.

  • Flop Strategy as IP PFR – +Group Call
  • Flop Strategy as 2BP OOP PFR
  • Flop Strategy as 3BP OOP PFR
  • Flop Defense vs. CBet as 2BP OOP PFC
  • Flop Defense vs. CBet as 2BP IP PFC
  • Flop Defense vs. CBet as 3BP IP PFC


Discover the power of flow states and how to access them, and delve deeper into advanced flop defense strategies.

  • Flop Defense vs. CBet as 3BP OOP PFC
  • Accessing Flow States
  • Flow State Live Call + Flow States Call
  • Flop Strategy as 2BP OOP PFC – XR
  • Flop Defense vs. XR as 2BP IP PFR
  • River Defense

Learn how to exploit opponents’ weaknesses, develop effective river strategies, and strengthen your mental game with behavioral grounding tools.

  • Fish Exploits – Bluffcatching
  • River Bluffing
  • Organization and Accountability
  • Mental Game Tools – Behavioral Grounding Tools
  • Mindset Group Call With Nick
  • Mental Game Tools – Mistake Rituals
  • Turn CBetting as 3BP OOP PFR
  • Blockers

Get these 25 valuable PDFs




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