Poker Giraffe 6h Package by Qing Yang


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Private instruction from a world-class coach, tailored to your level of knowledge

Poker Giraffe

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Poker Giraffe 6h Package by Qing Yang


  • A simple but effective framework for how to think about the game

  • How to work with solvers more efficiently (what’s important and what’s not)

  • A quick look at preflop (optional)

  • IP vs BB: A theoretically sound gameplan as both the aggressor and defender

  • Exploitative adjustments

  • Learn concepts that improve your understanding of the game as a whole

  • Videos: 7
  • Hours 7


Qing Yang (better known as QY) is an Elite Coach at Run It Once. He played 10/20 live for most of his career, and about 4 years ago started coaching on the side. As of today he’s worked with more than 100 students, and his Run It Once videos are among the most well-received on the site.




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