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Jnandez PLO Mastermind

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PLO Mastermind 2022



The PLO Mastermind is a Pot Limit Omaha strategy training system taught by JNandez, Shuller, Suhepx and Luuk Botter.

It features in-depth training videos, challenging quizzes, a strong network of players, and weekly live Q&A sessions designed to take your PLO game to the next level


Fundamentals and Theory

Avoid the biggest mistakes while transitioning to PLO and see the game broken down like building blocks.

Weekly Q&As

Send your strategy or mindset questions and get an answer from one or more of our PLO Mastermind coaches in the weekly Q&A livestreams

Play and explains

Over fifty Play and Explains from our PLO Mastermind coaches, playing and going through post-game reviews at low, mid and high stakes.

Mobile friendly

Our videos, quizzes and community platforms are all mobile friendly. Listen to podcasts or keep learning on the go.

Poker tools

Learn how to use HUDs, trackers, solvers and our poker softwares to work on your game and gain an edge.



!! CRUSHING SMALL STAKES PLO by Luuk Botter – (21h 29min.) !!

10-Week Transformation Program

20210204 – PLOTRAINER (1h 22min.)

20210308 – SINGLE RAISED POTS ON STRATEGY BOARDS by Luuk Botter (4h 39min.)

20210419 – ROUTINES SMALL CHANGES, BIG RESULTS by Jan Philippi (1h 30min.)

20210426 – SB vs BB SRP FLOP STRATEGY AVE-HIGH BOARDS by Shuller (5h 56min.)

20210531 – HOW TO DEAL WITH TILT LONG TERM by Jan Philippi (1h 09min.)

20210628 – 3-BET POTS IP STRATEGY Preflop & Postflop by Luuk Botter (4h 23min.)

20210705 – HOW TO FOLD by Suhepx (1h 52min.)

20210706 – FINDING AGGRESSION PLO by Suhepx (1h 38min)

20210726 – MULTIWAY 3-BET POT STRATEGY Preflop & Postflop by Luuk Botter (3h 01min.)

20210830 – MULTIWAY 3-BET POTS IP AS THE PREFLOP AGGRESSON by Luuk Botter (1h 36min)

20210906 – NAVIGATING MONOTONE BOARDS by Suhepx (2h38min.)

20211021 – Crushing PLO1000 (16h 16min.)

20211024 – PLAY EXPLAIN by Shuller (9h38min.)

20211025 – POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY FOR POKER by Jan Philippi (1h 26min.)

20211103 – MENTAL GAME Q&A LIVESTREAM by Jan (19h 28min.)

20211115 – LEAK BUSTER by JNandez – HEM3 & PT4 (5h 49min.)

20220411 – PLO PROFILER by JNandez (2h16min.)

20220811 – PLAY EXPLAINS DUAL REVIEWS (JNandez & Luuk & Shuller & Suhepx & F1tz) (32h 23min.)

3-Bet Pot Blueprint (10h 13min.)

3-BET POTS by Suhepx (3h46min.)

5 Card (7h 05min.)

Bet Sizing School (2h 52min.)

Buckets Tool (Tutorials) (36min.)

Crushing PLO100 (8h 24min.)

Crushing PLO200 (6h 42min.)

Crushing PLO500 (14h 05min.)

Crushing Small Stakes PLO (4h 03min.)

Deepstack Bootcamp (43min.)

Escape The Micros (8h 10 min.)

GTO Bits (1h 17min.)

Leak Buster (3h 48min.) by JNandez – HEM2

Live PLO Masterclass

Member Reviews

MonkerSolver (1h)

Multiway 3Bet Pots (2h 06min.)

Multiway Single Raised Pots (2h 04min.)

Play and Explain

Population Tendencies (1h 15min.)

Quick Tips (4h 18min.)

Session Reviews

Shortstack Bootcamp

Single Raised Pots

Study Streams (11min.)

The Launchpad

Tournament Strategy (5h 09min.)



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