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EQ Poker Coaching For Profits

High quality material for cash game players


EQ Poker CFP Emotionnal Equlibrium


Darius Bucinskas

High stakes poker player | Poker Coach | Your edge is hiding in plain sight


The EQ Poker Philisophy

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”

Poker is hard, people make mistakes. EQ Poker used Data, Logic and experience to create exploitative strategies that are firmly grounded in modern Game Theory, allowing us to go on the offensive without being vulnerable to counters. If you’re looking for the roadmap to high stakes (and double digit win-rates at midstakes) you’ve found it.

Group Coaching Bootcamps

I want you to win more and worry less. Play instead of grind. Strike fear in the hearts of your competition. By cutting the noise I was able to do exactly that. I climbed from 25nl to 1knl in 18 months, and I want to show you how it’s done.

Private Coaching and Mentorship

Since real change doesn’t happen over night, I require long term commitments from new clients. If you want to leave the grind behind and use poker as the vehicle to the life of your dreams, get in touch.




  • 3Bet Pots Lines Overview
  • 3Bet Pots Vs Fish Data And Response
  • Engineering Edges
  • Faraday Giveaway Call
  • Fish Donks
  • Fish Isolation Pots
  • Gameplan.pdf
  • Multiway Vs Regulars
  • Study Hall
  • Surveying The Battlefield
  • The Blueprint



  • Liveplay (Part 1)
  • Liveplay (Part 2)
  • Liveplay (Part 3)
  • Liveplay (Part 4)
  • Liveplay (Part 5)
  • Liveplay (Part 6)
  • Liveplay (Part 7)
  • Liveplay (Part 8)
  • Liveplay (Part 9)
  • Liveplay (Part 10)
  • Liveplay (Part 11)
  • Liveplay (Part 12)
  • Liveplay (Part 13)
  • Liveplay Review



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