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Crushing made simple by Saulo Costa.

This is a limited edition course with original value of $2000 only for $99.

A must have course for serious cash game players.


Saulo Costa launches Poker course: Crushing Made Simple


One of the biggest names in the world poker market, Saulo Costa, finally answered many requests from the community and launched his first poker course, Crushing Made Simple.

With the promise of transforming the careers of professional players or those who are trying to turn professional, in just five weeks, Crushing Made Simple has three pillars: How to Play Balanced Strategies, How to Exploit your Opponents and How to Stay One Step Ahead.

Saulo Costa wants to deliver more than the poker industry has ever seen and so he has added four bonuses to the Poker course:

  1. live workshops to teach students how to crush the most used tools in the game, plus 5 weeks of free access to Hand2Note;
  • access to a Community on Discord, where all students can ask Saul questions at any time, plus 10 hours of live Q&A sessions;
  • extra material with X-Ray Bluffcatch Sheet and GTO Hand Histories;
  • a live Q&A with Dan “jungleman” Cates, legend of Cash Game high stakes, and a live Q&A with Luiz Scipião, PhD in Sports Psychology.

Saulo Costa’s Crushing Made Simple Mentorship course is a comprehensive resource that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to bridge the gap between average and elite poker gameplay.

The inclusion of advanced tools such as node locking, GTO miners, and X-Ray Bluffcatching Sheets highlights the course’s emphasis on applying complex strategies in a simplified manner, making it accessible to players at various levels.

Weekly interactive sessions and expert interviews not only enrich the learning experience but also provide participants with firsthand insights from some of the best minds in poker, enhancing their understanding and strategic thinking.



  1. A system for balanced play
  2. How to use GTOw
  3. Top 10 GTO heuristics you must know
  4. Play & Explain demonstration
  5. Q&A week 1



  1. The real gaps between humans and solver
  2. How to use H2N
  3. Postflop MDA for common spots
  4. Play & Explain demonstration
  5. Weekly Live Q&A



  1. How to maximally exploit your opponents
  2. How to model real opponents with node locking
  3. Top 5 max exploit lines you must use
  4. Play & explain demonstration
  5. Weekly live Q&A with Saulo Costa



  1. Exploitative gameplan for postflop nodes
  2. How to exploit and stay undetected
  3. Play & Explain Demonstration
  4. Interview and Q&A with Dan – Jungleman- Cates Part 1
  5. Interview and Q&A with Dan – Jungleman- Cates Part 2
  6. Weekly Live Q&A with Saulo Costa



  1. How To Always Be One Step Ahead
  2. Anticipation
  3. Play & Explain Demonstration
  4. Interview and Q&A with Luiz Scipião
  5. Weekly Live Q&A with Saulo Costa


X-Ray Bluffcatching Sheets

  1. 3BP IP BB vs SB.xlsx
  2. 3BP IP BTN vs HJ.xlsx
  3. 3BP IP PFC.xlsx
  4. 3BP IP PFR.xlsx
  5. 3BP OOP BB vs BTN.xlsx
  6. 3BP OOP PFC.xlsx
  7. 3BP OOP PFR.xlsx
  8. 3BP OOP SB vs BTN.xlsx
  9. 4BP – All spots.xlsx
  10. Breakeven calculations.xlsx
  11. How to use the sheets.mp4
  12. SPP IP PFC.xlsx
  13. SRP IP BTN vs BB.xlsx
  14. SRP IP CO vs BB.xlsx
  15. SRP IP HJ vs BB.xlsx
  16. SRP IP PFR.xlsx
  17. SRP OOP PFC.xlsx
  18. SRP OOP PFR.xlsx


GTO – Full – Crushing Made Simple

  • 160 GTO miners


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