Cardquant PLO Poker Math 2020 Preflop Principles


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Poker Math 2020: Pre-flop Principles
Learn How to Optimize your Pre-flop Strategy in Pot-Limit Omaha Games

What’s inside the course:

  • Why you must adapt how you value you a hand according to the situation.
  • How the ‘Set of Possible Post-flop Outcomes’ dictates the Payoffs associated with entering the pot pre-flop.
  • The factors you should use to evaluate a hands Intrinsic Value In-game. The limitations of Intrinsic Value.
  • What is the Contextual Value of a pre-flop hand and how do we assess it at the table?
  • What hands are dominated by a range with a High-card Focus?
  • How to stop struggling with Toxic Cards pre-flop. Use my heuristics to identify hands which keep bleeding money at the table
  • Connection Value: Does a top gap matter? What about two gaps? All these questions are answered comprehensively inside.
  • Proven heuristics for picking the best paired hands according to their side-cards in the right situations.
  • How the Effective Persistence of a board impacts the relative value of the flops that our hand might hit.
  • How to recognize the crucial categories of Dominated Hands when we face a 3-bet
  • Every player that I have ever worked with has leaked thousands of dollars from failing to accurately assess the value of paired hands. I’ll show you the stark shift in value that occurs as we change the context that a paired hand is played in.
  • Exactly how much holding 3 or 4 cards of a suit changes our pre-flop decision.


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