Cardquant Dynamic Blind Defence


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Learn Killer Blind Defence Decision Processes to stay ahead of the modern PLO game

Cardquant Dynamic Blind Defence


Learn the killer blind defence decision processes that have helped my high stakes
PLO clients stay ahead of the modern game

Even if you’re not a ‘math guy’
Even if you have not bought poker courses before
Even if you’re still new to PLO and transitioning from Hold’em

What’s inside the course:

  • How the structure of the game gives rise to starkly different Game Trees depending on whether we are in the Small Blind or the Big Blind.
  • The differences in range construction between the Big and Small Blinds which arise as a consequence of the difference in structure.
  • Why the “Pot-Odds” model for a Small Blind call is a dead-end and how top players ensure their success by approaching calling differently
  • How the value of QQ and JJ varies as the opening raise moves around the table. Learn to spot the key changes in side-card value so that you can
    make the right decisions with these tricky hands.
  • The single most important factor in our metric for selecting playable hands from the Small Blind facing a raise
  • How to stop struggling when your opponent uses a min-raise. Use my equity matrices to add playable hands to your range… without overcompensating
  • The numbers that determine both Hand Polarity and Range Polarity and how to use these concepts to evaluate the 3-bet potential of a PLO hand.
  • Proven heuristics for generating Value and Complementary 3-bet ranges from the Blinds against an open from EP, CO or the Button.
  • How to identify the key hand buckets for building a 3-bet range against a Button open… and so save memory without sacrificing value.
  • How to recognize the crucial categories of Merged Value Hands and Promotional Hands to enhance your Small Blind 3-bet ranges.
  • A 3-step Decision Flow which tells you how to decide what to do in the Small Blind facing a raise.
  • Board Maps for several key categories of 3-way pot. You can use these maps to guide your post-flop play after you call an open from the Small Blind.






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