Beating Fish In Omaha


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“Beating Fish In Omaha: Winning the Most From The Worst”. 

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Beating Fish In Omaha Cory Mikesell


Beating the fish in the game should be easy, then why does it seem like they always get the better of you with their seemingly random play? With this short pamphlet, you’ll finally understand your troubles with weak players, learn how to win the most from the worst and move up.

The best book to help you extract value from weak players !!

“Beating Fish In Omaha: Winning the Most From The Worst”. In this short work, I clarify why it can sometimes be harder than expected to beat weak players in PLO4/5/6 and what special adjustments need to be made to maximize against various types of players. While some of the concepts in the book were surprising even to high stakes players that I’ve coached, I think the book is best suited for players playing low stakes to mid stakes, live and online.




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