BBZPoker 3-Betting at Short Stacks


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Master the art of the 3-betting at short stacks.

18 poker videos

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3-Betting at Short Stacks


The concept of a 3-bet, is fundamental in poker, yet its strategic depth is often underestimated, especially in the context of MTTs with short stacks. Alex “pwndidi” Theologis, with his rich background of high-stakes victories and deep theoretical knowledge, breaks down the significance of 3-betting, turning what seems like a simple action into a formidable weapon in your poker arsenal.

Whether you’re an intermediate player aiming to climb the ranks or an advanced player fine-tuning your strategy, this course offers invaluable insights into maximizing your effectiveness in MTTs with a strategic short stack approach. Alex’s teaching goes beyond theory, providing actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately, significantly impacting your bottom line.

Designed to cater to players who are serious about elevating their game, the course features detailed video lessons, comprehensive hand analyses, and interactive learning tools to ensure concepts are not just understood but mastered. From the nuances of 3-bet sizing to advanced bluffing techniques, Alex covers a wide range of topics essential for dominating in today’s competitive MTT landscape.

Alex “pwndidi” Theologis
11+ Hours

BBZPoker 3-Betting at Short Stacks INDEX:

  • 3-bet Course Introduction
  • UTG vs UTG1 (30 BB)
  • UTG vs HJ (30BB)
  • UTG vs BTN (30 BB)
  • LJ vs HJ (30 BB)
  • LJ vs BTN (30 BB)
  • CO vs BTN (30 BB)
  • SB vs BB (30 BB)
  • 30BB IP Recap + Monotones
  • SB vs UTG (30 BB)
  • SB vs LJ (30 BB)
  • SB vs BTN (30 BB)
  • BB vs UTG (30 BB)
  • BB vs LJ (30 BB)
  • BB vs BTN (30 BB)
  • 30BB OOP Recap
  • Playing Against the Solver IP




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