BBZ Poker Bungakat Bundle


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BBZ Poker Bungakat Bundle

Bungakat Bundle – BBZ Poker

The Bungakat Bundle is a one of a kind collection of final table reviews with Jargo “Bungakat”Alaväli, co-creator of the ICM Pre-Flop MasterClass. Featuring the likes of Parker “tonkaaaap” Talbot, Jon “luckyfish89” Clark, and more, this series will give you a front row seat to how some of BBZ brightest stars are playing, studying, and analyzing their biggest final table runs.

BONUS: 10 new hours of ChipEV content added!  Bungakat goes in-depth on a major population leak: playing vs. bets.

  • Over 15 hours of high level content!
  • High Stakes, Mid-Stakes, and Low Stakes reviews
  • Pre-Flop ICM  Solver Solutions
  • Post-Flop ICM Solver Solutions
  • Special Guests: tonkaaaap & luckyfish89!
  • Bonus Material: Chip EV Playing vs. Bets



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