Crush the Baron Upswing Poker


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Crush the Baron

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Crush the Baron Upswing Poker

Learn how to Crush the Baron

You can watch Andres “educa-p0ker” breakdown the strategies of one of the best cash game players of all time – OTB_Redbaron.

Get an amazing and unparalleled look into the framework and underlying theory that has allowed OTB to remain an absolute crusher for so many years.

This course will immediately change the way you think about poker.

In any competitive environment, studying the best and learning what makes them so successful is among the greatest ways to improve your own ability.

Upswing’s ‘Crush the Baron’ course brings this approach to the poker table, putting the game of one of the sickest 6-max cash-game players of all-time – OtB_RedBaron – under the microscope.

The course is taught by fellow online cash game millionaire Andres “Educa-p0ker” Artinano, who has spoken openly about how studying Baron’s game helped him win his fortune on the felt.

Andres shares all of his key insights picked up over years of analyzing Baron’s play in this exclusive, 12-part course. The course also acts as a great guide for how you should approach studying the strategy of a specific player.



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