Carrot Poker School Grade 3


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Carrot Poker School

Grade 3

Carrot Poker School Grade 3

Grade 3 is for more advanced players who would like to become elite theoreticians. Students should already have a strong grasp of intermediate poker theory. This course features lots of dense theoretical material but also shows you how to practice it.

11 Videos | 10 Hours

Grade 3 – Course Syllabus

  • Advanced Range Construction 1: Calling, Raising and Folding.
  • Advanced Range Construction 2: Checking and Betting.
  • Important Blocker Effects. Blocking/Unblocking Folding Ranges.
  • The Five Types of Flop Raise. The Three Types of Turn Raise. Playing Turn After Raising Flop.
  • Handling Aggression. Bluff Catcher Selection. Board Texture. Range Width and Bluff Catching.
  • Extreme Bet Sizing. Overbets. Underbets. Mastering River Sizing.
  • Triple Barreling. Bluffing EV. Hyper Polar vs. Hyper Condensed Situations.
  • Properly Protected Checking Ranges. Slowplaying and Blockers. SPR Considerations.
  • Defending 3Bet Pots: Flop Play. Donk-Betting. Jamming Turns.
  • 4-Bet Pots: Attacking and Defending. Call Only Strategies. Turn Play.




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