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Cash Injection Carrot Corner


Destroy the Competition

  Cash Injection is a 10 episode course on how to quickly accelerate your win-rate by unleashing a series of devastating exploits against your opponents. Through a combination of mass data analysis and rational poker psychology, Pete Clarke pinpoints some of the biggest hotspot situations for dramatically increasing your EV at the tables. The imbalances in your opponent’s game are everywhere and this course will guide you on how to punish them ruthlessly. Each episode is 20-30 minutes long.


  • Destroying Flop CBets
  • Punishing Bet / Check / Bet
  • Becoming the 3Bet Pot Bully
  • Wrecking Unfiltered Ranges
  • Mastering Positional Exploits
  • Annihilating Turn Probes
  • Exploiting Flop Stabs
  • Wielding the River Block Bluff
  • Clicking it Back in 3Bet Pots
  • Folding on Underbluffed Textures


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