BestPokerCoaching Gordons 6max masterclass


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Bestpokercoaching Gordons 6max masterclass
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Advance Your No Limit 6-Max Shorthanded Play with This Masterclass from Best Poker Coaching.


As someone that has dabbled into six-max games, I quickly learned that I still had much to learn as soon as I dived into the NL 6-max Masterclass.

The class provided an excellent theoretical and practical foundation in all aspects of six-max gameplay and an understanding of how players think about the game from an advanced level as opposed to someone that just plays by feel.

The course covers all of the most frequently occurring spots in six-max no-limit hold’em ring games and is designed to allow players to profitably move up stakes.

One thing you will notice right away is that the course is very well structured with a dozen different topics listed below, each broken out into sub-topics.


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